"Experience Our Friendly, No Pressure Style"

"They are no doubt the best jeweler in Walnut Creek"

Lisa G.



We can take that idea in your head and bring it to life! With creative artists on site we can help you develop and create a one of a kind piece for you, that you will love, and have fun doing it. Or we can modify a piece you already have!



Ahh…perhaps the most significant piece of jewelry you will ever own or buy. A woman’s emotional attachment to her ring cannot be understated. We will expertly help you choose the perfect ring in our friendly, no pressure style.



We repair hundreds of pieces each year and thousands over our 40+ years of collective experience from our jewelers and will repair your jewelry with expert craftsmanship and honesty that you won’t find anywhere else.



The infinite symbol that says “You and I”.  You’ll wear this ring everyday for the rest of your life.  And there are hundreds of options.  Choose something unique to express your togetherness that will last a lifetime.  We can help you choose the perfect symbol of your love for each other.



We will give you the best price for your gold.  The condition of your jewelry is not a consideration when we buy gold.  We weigh it right in front of you so you know exactly what you have.  If you have any questions we can answer for you right here.



You may have lost a diamond and need a replacement for an important piece of jewelry or you may want to upgrade the stone you bought years ago.  We have a large selection to fit any budget.  We can find the perfect diamond for you and educate you on the true quality of your stones.


We have to be honest…We really do have an unfair advantage over the larger jewelry stores in Walnut Creek. You see, when you come in to see us, whether it’s to make the biggest jewelry purchase of your life, modify or repair a priceless family heirloom, or a simple small ring repair, you get to talk to the owners of the store, not a commissioned salesperson. If you look at the reviews we have received on this site, or Yelp or Facebook, you’ll get a very good idea of what our customers think of us and how we treat our customers and handle our business.

Not only will you speak with the owners, but we are the jewelers too. Now why is that an advantage for you? We don’t sell mass produced jewelry. Most all our engagement rings and fine pieces are made right here in store and we have a unique, original inventory of engagement rings, wedding bands, necklaces, diamonds and gems. So we know everything about each piece and how it was made. We can educate you on each piece in a way that is friendly and free from the pressure of dealing with commissioned salespeople.

You can see from our reviews that we treat all our customers with honesty and integrity as well as having expert knowledge and craftsmanship. We are not about “making the sale at all costs” like some other jewelers. Our philosophy is treat people right, offer a pleasurable experience and exceptional value and they will become customers for life. Our integrity and reputation means everything to us and we have worked hard over 20 years to cultivate a great experience for our customers. If you come in to buy or just to browse, you will recognize right away that you will be treated with respect and honesty. And hopefully even have a little fun. Our prices are clearly marked so there is no shenanigans.

So our advantage is personal. Personal connection. Personal service. Come on in and feel the difference. Our aim is to make you sparkle, whether it’s on your finger, on your neck or in your smile. You’ll feel the difference.

Come on in, we look forward to meeting you!

Sincerest Thanks!

Arturo & George